westminster furnace repair

Homeowners often do not discover a problem with their furnace until a problem occurs.  During winter, coming home or waking up to a cold house is a sure sign that your furnace might be in trouble.  Troubleshooting your furnace can provide you with information to see if the problem is one you can handle yourself or one for which you need to call for professional assistance.

Gas Leak

This issue is one of the most dangerous and most important issue your furnace can have.  If you suspect a gas leak, do not light any matches or turn any light switches on or off.  In the case of a strong gas odor, evacuate the home immediately, leaving the door open.  

Your gas supply valve is usually located by your gas meter.  Turn off the valve by rotating the valve one quarter turn with a wrench.  You will know the gas is off when the valve’s stem points perpendicular to the gas inlet pipe.  

Immediately call your gas company and/or the fire department from a remote, safe location.  Do not return to the home until you are told it is safe by a fire department or gas company official.  Contact a professional furnace technician for assistance once it is safe to begin repairs.

Gas Furnaces-No Flame

Older gas furnaces may have a pilot light rather than an electric ignition that newer models have.  If the pilot lot will not remain lit, a number of issues may have occurred.

The thermocouple, the copper rod that the pilot flame heats, may be loose or damaged, requiring it to be adjusted or replaced.  This problem is generally best done by a professional such as the experts at Mr. Green Plumbing.  

Another issue could be that the pilot orifice is clogged.  You can clear this orifice yourself with a thin wire after turning off the gas.  In addition, you must shut off the switch or circuit breaker that supplies power to the furnace unit.  Once the gas and power to the furnace are turned off, just poke the thin wire into the orifice where the pilot flame is usually seen, cleaning out any debris.

The pilot flame may just be set too low.  Some pilot lights have a flame adjustment screw which can be found by referencing your owner’s manual.  You need to ensure your flame is a steady and full 1.5 inch to a 2-inch flame.  The safety cutoff valve could also be defective.

Electronic Ignition Furnace

Much like a computer, restarting the ignition control module on an electronic ignition furnace may reset it and cause the furnace to turn on once again.  To reset it, turn the power switch off and on again.  Listen for the sound of the spark or watch for the ignitor to glow.  Refer to your owner’s manual for more instructions.

Check and clean the furnace’s flame sensor.  Many videos exist online to give step-by-step instructions or call your local professional for assistance.  

If your electronic ignition furnace has a pilot light, check to see that you can see the flame.  Your owner’s manual or the inside of the furnace cabinet should contain lighting instructions.  If not, contact a furnace repair technician for assistance.

If the furnace will not light or if it ignites, but again goes out, contact a Westminster furnace repair professional professional such as the experts at Mr. Green Plumbing.