troubleshooting a furnaceIf your furnace suddenly won’t start, the problem could be caused by a number of issues.  Being aware of the common causes of malfunction enables you to determine whether troubleshooting a furnace is handle on your own or whether you need to call a professional such as Mr. Green Plumbing.  

Circuit Breaker or Other Power Issue

Even if your furnace is run by natural gas, it must have electrical power in order to turn on.  If you discover the furnace will not start, check the circuit breaker to ensure the furnace is receiving electrical power and inspect the wiring for damage that may have been caused by rodents chewing the wires or other problems.

The Pilot Light

The pilot light going out in gas furnaces are a common cause of a furnace refusing to start.  Check the pilot light, usually found beneath the furnace, for its blue flame.  If the flame has gone out, simply relight the pilot light.

The Condensation Pan

The condensation pan component of the furnace collects any excess water that may accumulate.  If the reservoir of the condensation pan is full, the furnace will not turn on.  Draining the pan would temporarily allow the furnace to power on, but it does not address the underlying issue that caused the condensation pan to be unable to drain appropriately.  The pump that removes condensation may have malfunctioned or blockages could be preventing the water from draining.

Air Filter

The furnace’s air filter should be changed monthly during winter months to enable the furnace to continue to function properly. A dirty air filter is easily preventable and can be one of the major causes of your furnace refusing to start. Changing your air filter is a simple, but vital part of good furnace maintenance.

Having problems troubleshooting a furnace? We are here to help. Contact Mr. Green Plumbing for your furnace maintenance and repair needs.