Installing Radiant Heating Systems in Your Floors

In a radiant heating system, warmth to the home is provided by hot water tubes or electrical wires that run underneath your home’s flooring, saving space often taken up by traditional heaters.  The thermal radiation from the tubes or wires rise, heating your home in a consistent, steady manner.  Homeowners can choose between hot water systems or electrical wire systems, depending on their needs and budget.  Once the type of system is selected and installed, it can be covered with a variety of floor substances like wood or tile.  Carpet is not always a good choice as the variable thickness can affect the effectiveness of the radiant floor heating system.

Installation Cost and Energy Savings for Radiant Floor Heating

New builds are often less expensive when considering the price of installing radiant heat flooring.  Retrofitting a home with radiant heat is possible, but will cost a bit more.  However, once installed, radiant heat saves homeowners an average of 15 to 30 percent on energy costs.

Safety and Health Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Another advantage to this system is the reduced allergen exposure to your family.  Traditional heating systems blow hot air into a room, disturbing dust and bringing particles into the home.  Radiant flooring is practically invisible, warming your home without you realizing it’s there.  The lack of blowing dust and allergens improves the air quality of your home.

Radiant floor heating is also safer, eliminating hot surfaces, sharp edges or vents associated with traditional heating systems.   Once installed, they also require virtually no maintenance, reducing maintenance costs once again.

Selecting a Radiant Floor Heating System for Your Home

A floor-based radiant heating system is a convenient, energy-efficient, and safe way to heat a room or your entire home.  Some consider radiant heating when remodeling a room such as a bathroom or kitchen, which are both often rooms with cooler types of flooring such as tile or wood, but radiant floor heating is a great option for your entire home.

Questions about what type of radiant heating system is the best option for your home?  Curious about the benefits for you and your family?  Contact the professionals at Mr. Green Plumbing for more information on this unique, superior heating choice for your home.