Ready to discover some incredible Plumbing Hints & Tips? For most amateurs, it’s not easy to figure out what is going on with your plumbing system or other devices related to it. We don’t have easy access to the information needed to know the difference between issues, or even just basic, general repairs.

Though you can always call a professional to come and investigate for you here at Mr. Green Plumbing, we believe it’s important that our friends and clients are also educated and given a bit of an edge in the industry. These simple but beyond helpful tips & tricks will help you learn more about plumbing, how it works, and when to call for some extra help.

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4 Great Plumbing Hints & Tips

DIY plumbing has been something that took the home improvement world by storm. All over the internet, you can find how-to articles, tutorial videos, and information related on how to keep your home in excellent working order all on your own. This is a great skill to have, especially if you’re skilled in other trade areas, such as wood-working, agriculture, and more. Adding a plumbing skill to your arsenal of abilities could even become a way to make money, but it starts by saving yours by solving any easy problems all on your own. No call to us needed!

1. Practice With Replacements

A lot of simple, small parts can get damaged or broken over the years. If you can identify specifically what is broken, give the replacement a shot! Simply remove the damaged or broken piece, fit an identical but well-functioning copy in its place, and test the integrity of your system once more. Common replacements usually don’t need the help of a professional plumber.

2. Avoid Chemicals

A lot of different unclogging agents use harmful chemicals that will break down your plumbing systems and parts. Instead, try drain snakes and other, less harmful tools to unclog your faucets and toilets. Avoid chemicals for as long as possible, and call a plumber before attempting to use a potentially harmful concoction to clear up the clog.

3. Thread Tape Can Fix Leaks & Issues

Having thread tape on hand can be extremely handy and effective as a way to make repairs. Sometimes a simple leak can be fixed with this cheap material, and you’ll save plenty of time and money by grabbing it from a hardware store. This is, of course, just a temporary fix, but it’s sure nice on the water bill and can keep leaks at bay until a full repair can be done.

4. Heat Can Loosen Tough Fittings

Use heat to loosen stiff, well-coiled water pipes and other parts you need to inspect. The trap under the sink is often a very risky and complicated area to play around with, so if you need to loosen those pipes or metal working, some heat can do the trick much better than you’d think. Do not use this tip for anything plastic – metal only.