Garbage disposal repair

Whether you’re getting ready for a party, prepping for the holiday season, or just find your garbage disposal is on the fritz, you don’t want to leave a dysfunctional garbage disposal for long. Don’t put yourself or your kitchen in that danger.

It can be tempting to try a DIY fix for your garbage disposal, especially if it begins to smell, but that’s probably the worst move you can make. Garbage disposals are both complicated and dangerous. A few hours or a few days later you’ll probably wish you’d called a licensed Denver plumber. Save yourself the hassle, the danger, the headache, and the trips to the hardware store by calling Mr. Green Plumbing.

Some dangers that come with letting a broken garbage disposal go include: 

  • Poor drainage and potential backup in your sink
  • Bacteria build up as your garbage disposal ceases to work
  • Dirty water sitting in your sink as water backs up
  • Potential leaks in your plumbing
  • Potential injury if you attempt to fix it yourself
  • Bad odors as food and debris continues to sit in the sink

Mr. Green Plumbing can reset, clean, and often repair your existing garbage disposal. And if a new disposal is your best option, Mr. Green Plumbing has a range of models to recommend and will install your new garbage disposal quickly and cleanly. We’re honest with you, we’re open, and we want to help you maintain the value of your home. So we’ll only offer you the best possible advice.

Keep your garbage disposal in top working order with the help of Mr. Green Plumbing. Call us today.