Faucet repair

A leaky faucet can start out as a simple annoyance but grow into much bigger plumbing problems. Call Mr. Green Plumbing right away to take a look at your dripping faucets. Besides averting serious and expensive plumbing problems, fixing your leaky faucet fast will save water. A faucet that drips five times a minute wastes 230 gallons a year! Want to save money on your water and electric bills and help the environment? Consider high efficiency faucets. Faucets labeled WaterSense by the EPA are approximately 20% more water-efficient than average products and have been verified to perform “as well or better than their less efficient counterparts.” Learn more about how Mr. Green Plumbing can help you go green. [link] Mr. Green Plumbing can help Lakewood homes and businesses with any faucet and sink repairs and replacements. Call us today.