ac-maintainIf you’re a homeowner, air conditioner maintenance is most likely one of those things not thought about until the weather starts heating up. Owning a home is one of the best experiences in life, but it takes effort, money, and time to keep a house properly maintained year-round. An air conditioner that doesn’t run as well as it should can cost you more on your energy bill, and leave you hot and uncomfortable during summer months. Luckily, there’s a few ways to keep your air conditioner running top notch.

Clean/Replace The Filter

If you aren’t familiar with air conditioner maintenance, you might be surprised to learn that they typically include an air filter. This filter can easily get clogged and dirty, so it should be cleaned every month during seasons of high use.

The air filter can be located either behind the return air grill on a wall or ceiling in a central room of the house, inside the blower compartment of the air handler or furnace, or in a slot on the side, bottom, or top of your furnace. A failure to clean and replace the filter means not only less effective air conditioning, but also an increased chance spreading unfiltered air that can trigger nasty allergies and asthma. Yuck.

Check Wiring

This is where things get complicated.

Helpful experts are always just a phone call away to help do the often complicated work of maintaining your air conditioning system. Remember to turn off power to the system before inspecting the wiring. Remove the access panel of your unit to see if there’s been any signs of trouble; melted, blackened or burned wires. Check all connections to see if they’re tight.

Clean Area Around Unit

Sometimes leaves, branches, and shrubs can restrict airflow to your air conditioning unit. Clear anything near the unit out of the way. This should help your air conditioner run smoother.

Check The Condenser Fan

The blades of your air conditioner fan can often get chipped or damaged, and might need to be replaced. Your air conditioner relies on these fan blades to bring in a steady flow of air effectively. Your AC unit won’t be able to work well without it. Replacing these blades isn’t easy, and it’s best to contact a professional to do the work for you in this instance.

Examine Your Thermostat

In some cases, an old mechanical thermostat can break down and cause problems. New programmable thermostats usually do a great job of helping your home maintain a desired temperature. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider having a professional come in and install one for you.   

As a homeowner, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your air conditioner is working like it should, but sometimes it’s best to seek help with air conditioner maintenance from professional air conditioning experts.

Spend one night in a hot and stuffy house after attempting to perform air conditioner maintenance problems yourself, and you’ll most likely agree.