From simple kitchen drains to storm drains, keeping your drains clean can prevent costly plumbing problems.No one wants a backup or slow drain, but sometimes the issues aren’t always so obvious and they can cost you a lot more. Tackle it before it happens and know where to turn.

Dangers of a Back-Up: 

If your drain backs up or clogs because it hasn’t been cleaned, it can put you danger of the following: 

  • Poor drainage snowballing into an even worse clog as you don’t get it fixed
  • Dirty water starts to build up as your clog prevents proper drainage
  • Foul smells will start to build as debris remains in the clogged sink and begins to rot
  • Bacteria can grow as the water and debris sits in your sink
  • Leaks can develop as the water seeks an outlet somewhere as it runs out of space

Bio-Clean can prevent these problems with regular cleaning and help with dislodging potential blockages before they happen.

Drains are designed to allow water to flow out while keeping debris from entering the pipes. Storm drains, for example, drain excess rainwater away from your house, but if they’re blocked, they can’t do their job. Blocked storm drains can cause serious damage to the structure of your home and your landscaping. Make sure your drains are clear and free of debris so they can keep the water flowing freely.

The best way to make sure this happens? Talk to us. On all of our trucks, we utilize Bio-Clean to be ready if you need a drain cleared.  Keeping the water of storm drains flowing smoothly and freely is not only safety importance for you, but it also helps protects your local environment and wildlife. Talk to us today about getting Bio-Clean used in your storm drains. 

Bio-Clean will help you maintain your drain system safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. We have Bio-Clean in stock on our trucks, so ask us about Bio-Clean today!