Garbage disposals are a big part of everyday life nowadays, and we don’t really notice just how useful they are until they stop working. When it comes to Lakewood Garbage Disposal, you shouldn’t delay when it comes to repairs.


Assuming you’ve been using a specific garbage disposal for a while, you should know what it sounds like when its running. The easiest telltale sign that a disposal is starting to have problems is the noise it will make when it does.  A disposal will be loud, yes, but it should be a pretty smooth tone. When it begins to clunk and whir in a manner you’re not used to hearing, the first step is to make sure something isn’t lodged into the disposal itself.

Always make sure you cut the power before inspecting a disposal, however, as they are dangerous. If this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself, you can always contact an Expert Plumber in Lakewood to come around and take a look.


This is pretty straightforward itself, as everyone knows; water damage is something that you want to avoid in your home. Garbage disposals are the easiest to check in most cases due to the disposal itself and some of the piping being exposed underneath the sink. It’s always a good idea to just check every so often for mold or rot as well as standing water where the disposal resides.

Lack of Power

If you go to flick the switch and it doesn’t power on, this is normally due to a failure with the unit itself. Unless you have certified experience in electrical or plumbing work, you never want to attempt this by yourself as electricity is deadly if not handled properly. It is recommended to contact a member of Lakewood plumbing in this event as they have the tools and capability to handle this safely.


As the food scraps are placed into the unit, its job is to pulverize these scraps well enough so the water will wash it down the pipe without a problem. If you start to notice an unpleasant smell emanating from the disposal, you could always try some garbage disposal cleaning tablets. In the event the smell persists, however, it is most likely due to some food stuck in a place it shouldn’t be, or an issue with a clogged pipe that will require a professional to handle.


Garbage disposals are designed to make quick work of most things placed inside of it. If you find that your disposal tends to be running a little slow and isn’t grinding down food fast enough, its likely due to the blades inside the disposal itself being dull or even broken. This is something best left to the experts, and may be worth placing a call about before it causes more issues.


Garbage disposals are useful to the everyday life, and they’re a device we take for granted and they’re not often thought about. There are a handful of things that can go wrong, and if you’re having doubts about the performance of the machine it’s always a good idea to consider calling Lakewood Plumbing and at the very least having them come take a look.