Finally making the move on that plumbing project you’ve been thinking about forever can be a game changer. Or maybe you’re suddenly in desperate need of a repair and didn’t expect to be shelling out money straight from your pocket. No matter what, you need plumbing financing options. Plumbing jobs can become very expensive as the cost of labor and parts compound on a flat fee. And not everything goes according to plan.

While the cost of plumbing repairs may scare you, certain things require professional help. If you’ve got no hot water, a clogged sewer line, leaking outdoor fixtures or pipes, low water pressure throughout the home, or sitting water with an unknown source. All these require a professional diagnostic look at your plumbing situation. And, unfortunately, could end up costing you quite a lot depending on what the issue ends up being.

Typical Plumbing Costs

The exact cost of any plumbing job is going to depend on the job itself, the nature of the plumbing system in your home, the comparable rates in the area, and the possibility of any complications arising. First, it depends on whether you’re playing a flat fee for  a specific job or your plumber charges by the hour. Typically, flat fees can run anywhere from $175 to $450 for routine jobs Well hourly rates vary from $45 to $200. Service fees can also get into the hundreds. If you’re working on some form of remodel, it’s going to be much higher. Shower installations, bathtub replacements, and work on the main sewer line get well into the thousands. So, how do you pay for all of this?


One option for paying for a plumbing job is through loans. You can borrow money from a lender, your bank, or a credit union, assuming you qualify. You use the loan to make the payment at the time of the job and then pay the loan back over a decided upon period. It’s a good way to get quick money if you had unexpected costs or are planning an expensive repair. The cons here are the potential for high interest rates and penalties for late payments. Loans are also a fixed amount and cannot help with any unexpected costs that come up after the loan is taken out, based on a job estimate.

Second Mortgages

Another option for large scale plumbing jobs that cost more than you want to take out in a loan is a  second mortgage. You can petition whoever holds the deed to your house to cash out the equity you have in your home (the equivalent of the total mortgage payments you made) and you agree to pay that back with interest with your home as the collateral. It’s usually reserved for big purchases, so you’ll want to reserve it for jobs that will cost you in the tens of thousands.

Financing plumbing does not have to be hard or scary. We can help you understand your options and payment methods we accept.