hail damage to your hvac systemThe Denver Metro area was hit with a brutal hail storm earlier this month, and damage to homes, vehicles and businesses was widespread and severe. You may be busy making repairs to shattered car windshields, broken windows, and torn up roofs but have you checked your HVAC unit for damage? If your area was hit hard by the hail, there’s a good chance that your unit was damaged. Making repairs now will save you energy costs and will help ensure your unit remains operable for years to come.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to check your HVAC unit after a storm. HVAC units are particularly vulnerable because they are outside and are generally not covered. Hail of any size can damage a unit. Even though HVAC units typically include a protective grille or metal covering to protect the unit from falling debris, hail can still puncture this protective shield and wreak havoc on your unit.

One of the most common repairs needed to an HVAC unit after a hail storm is to straighten its metal fins. Fins are flexible and can easily get smashed or bent. If this happens, air can’t flow to the coil and will cause the unit to run for longer periods with reduced cooling. This can lead to higher energy bills and a reduced lifespan of your unit.

Mr. Green Plumbing’s HVAC experts are here to help! Our technicians can usually repair damaged metal fins by combing and straightening them with a special tool. In some instances, (i.e. if the fan was damaged during the storm) the unit may need to be replaced. Call us today and enjoy $55 off your service order.