Use these common indicators of issues before firing up your boiler to ensure you won’t need costly repairs down the road.

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, the need for hot water boiler repair and maintenance rises significantly. Many times, homeowners do not realize a potential problem until it’s too late.

Be proactive, not reactive! Being reactive to a potential boiler repair issue could leave you literally out in the cold. If your household boiler exhibits any or all of these issues, call a trusted Mr. Green Plumbing boiler repair technician immediately.

Common Issues Requiring Boiler Repair or Replacement:


This common yet scary-sounding issue is caused by a buildup of lime deposits in the boiler heat exchanger. Lime constricts the water pathway. This causes additional pressure. Additional pressure then allows/forces the water to higher heat than is normal, causing boiling which is heard as a rattling kettle noise, aka ‘kettling’. While not an emergency boiler repair situation, kettling can significantly decrease the longevity of your boiler. A trusted Mr. Green boiler repair associate is advised to fix this problem. The associate will most likely flush the system to remove the lime deposits using specialized tools and tactics. Do not ever attempt to clear or clean the lines of your boiler yourself.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

Excess waste gas in the boiler is removed using a unique water removal system. This process turns the waste removal water acidic, necessitating its removal from the (by-and-large) pH neutral boiler system. The extracted acidic waste water is then run to an external drain. Because of the drain location exterior to the home, condensate pipe have a tendency to freeze in extreme cold (aka when heat is needed most!). Most modern boilers will have a trip code or alarm displayed which will not allow the boiler to heat up. If you observe this code, or observe your condensate pipe – which is typically a 2cm diameter PVC pipe – to be frozen over, contact Mr. Green immediately.

Pilot light won’t stay lit

Many homeowners attempt re-light their homes’ pilot lights themselves every year, and every year many do it incorrectly. While the amount of gas released to keep the pilot light lit is not enough to cause a major explosion, it is certainly enough to need timely boiler repair. If you cannot tell if the pilot light is lit, your individual boiler may contain the upgraded igniter system which only releases gas when attempting to ignite the pilot light. Call Mr. Green today to double check which pilot light system your boiler contains.

Boiler continually switches itself off

Fixing this issue requires going through a litany of potential causes, most of which are beyond the ability of the everyday homeowner. Most commonly, the boiler water pressure could be either set too low or has become low due to a hardware issue. A lack of water flow or volume altogether could also be a potential cause. In either instance, be sure to contact a trusted Mr. Green technician to properly diagnose the issue and repair it.

Most Importantly, No Heat!

All of the above potential issues will cause a loss in heat or hot water. Before contacting a professional, be sure to check the boiler thermostat for any potential issues. If the thermostat appears in working order, most likely the issue causing a loss in hot water is internal to the boiler unit, and requires professional boiler repair.

Call your trusted boiler repair experts at Mr. Green Plumbing to ensure your boiler repair is done efficiently, effectively, and completely.