Most people are familiar with basics of saving money by conserving energy in our homes: turn off lights when you leave a room; use a programmable thermostat to reduce energy when you are away; keep your furnace filter, registers and vents clean to improve efficiency, etc. Yet there is so much more you can do to drastically reduce energy use, and it is easy thanks to advancements in energy technology.

These five technology trends will help you cut your energy costs and become more energy efficient. Try one or more, and watch the savings start to roll in!

1. CFL and LED Bulbs

One of the easiest and fastest ways to cut energy costs is to swap out incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency CFLs or LEDs. These bulbs use drastically less energy than conventional varieties. And, CFL and LED bulbs are worth the investment — each costs only a couple of dollars to power every year, and they are designed to run for 10 – 25+ years!

2. Smart Thermostats

Programmable thermostats certainly reduce energy use. Yet, new high-tech smart thermostats make it even easier to save money and heat/cool your home efficiently. These devices enable you to adjust your home’s temperature according to your schedule, and you often can control them remotely via your smartphone — a great feature for on-the-go homeowners.

3. E-Vents

E-vents or smart vents are a fairly new technology that allow homeowners to open and close vents remotely, usually using a smartphone app. Just replace your current vents with e-Vents, and you can easily redirect airflow throughout your home to only the rooms that need it.

4. Smart Power Adapters

Did you know that conventional power adapters can account for 13 percent of a home’s energy usage? This is mainly because they continue to draw electricity even when the plugged-in device is fully charged or is turned off. Green Plug is working to create a smart power adapter that offers state-of-the-art digital control and reduces wasted energy.

5. Home Automation

Home automation takes high-tech thermostats a step further and allows you to control virtually any electronic device in your home remotely. Simply log into your system and adjust your thermostat, turn off your coffee pot or control your houselights. These systems make your home safer and also make it easy to manage energy usage. Learn more about which system best fits your needs.

Today’s technology makes it easy to cut energy use and lower energy costs. Try these products out to see your monthly bill shrink!