Heater Repair in DenverWhen temperatures first start to turn colder is the time to prepare your home for Colorado’s winter weather. Areas around Denver experienced low temperatures and record snowfall through late November and December in 2016, and it is impossible to tell when winter will descend on the Mile High City in 2017.  That makes right now the best time to check your heater before winter.

A quick check of your heater before Colorado’s coldest season can prevent a big issue in your home. As well, this seasonal inspection helps your house to be eco-friendly, which has a corresponding benefit for your pocketbook. An annual inspection of your heater also extends the life of your heater and prevents your heating system from becoming a fire hazard, even on Denver’s coldest nights.

So, what should you be looking for during this pre-winter inspection? Read on to learn the five things you need to check on your heater before winter.


#1: Check Your Air Filter

Dirt, dust, and debris build up in the air filters of every single heater. It is actually the air filter’s job to catch this debris and prevent it from floating deeper into the heater. Best practice is to check and change your air filters every three months, but the most important time to put in new filters is before starting your heater for the winter.

A clean air filter will keep your heater running smoothly and effectively. You will have cleaner, healthier air circulated through your home and save costs for repairs or maintenance later on. Plus, clean air filters can even keep your heater running longer.


#2: Take a Look at the Blower Belt

One of the most important parts of your heater is the blower belt. Over time this rubber belt can become worn, and it will start to crack. To inspect this part of the furnace you need to turn off the power to the heater and remove the cover over the air handler. Once off, the blower belt will be visible, and you can look for wear and tear. If there are cracks or other damage to the rubber blower belt, it is necessary to replace the part.

Once your heater is up and running for winter, it is easy to identify a problem with the blower belt. This large, rubber belt makes a lot of noise when it is damaged or operating improperly.


#3: Clean the Burners in a Furnace

For most months of the year, a heater in Denver remains turned off. This is a positive for your heating bill but means dust and dirt can collect on the burner in your furnace. Before turning it on for the first time you want to take a look at the burners and be certain they are clear of any debris. Not only will this check make sure your furnace runs efficiently, it provides assurance that the equipment continues to work properly.

As well, make sure you take the time to check coils and other components of your heater for similar dust and debris. If you are uncertain how to properly clean the interior components of your heater, call an HVAC expert.


#4: Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Every building should have a functioning carbon monoxide detector, particularly in bedrooms and basements. But these electronic devices are even more important during winter months when your heater is on because the chance of a carbon monoxide leak is much higher. If persistent or substantial, a carbon monoxide leak can be life-threatening, which makes checking your carbon monoxide detector a must before turning on the heat.

If you do experience dizziness or lightheadedness after turning on your heater, it might be necessary to have an HVAC professional check for problems involving carbon monoxide. As well, never ignore a warning from your carbon monoxide detector.


#5: Remove Items That Might Obstruct Your Heater

Checking for obstructions is a two-part process. First, you need to be certain no items are stored around or near your heater. Specifically, you want to distance any paper or cardboard items that are prone to catch fire, and likewise, move anything flammable. Second, before turning on your heater for the winter it is important to uncover, open, and unblock air vents and ducts.


Turning These Checks Over to the Professionals

The best check of your heater in Colorado is a licensed HVAC company, like Mr. Green Plumbing. Heating and air-conditioning professionals are experts at winterizing your heating system and detecting the early signs of a problem with your heater. This provides peace of mind that lasts Denver’s entire winter.

To receive a quote from the Denver Metro Area’s top HVAC company, call (303)-953-2599 or use the Mr. Green Plumbing website.